Do you know Juneau?

Welcome to the Capital City of Alaska!

Juneau (June-oh) is a rare place that combines city amenities with unmatched outdoor recreation opportunities. Trekking onto a glacier in the morning and heading out to sea kayak all afternoon is absolutely a possibility with our long summer days and great temperate weather. All winter long there are options galore for hiking, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, northern lights viewing, and many concerts, festivals and community activities. 

Maybe you want a little more relaxing activities? No problem! Everywhere you look could be a post card. Mountain peaks, dense green rain forest, mighty glaciers, open ocean, just pick your favorites and start exploring!


Basic City Information:

Coordinates: 58 N by 134 W

Named in 1881 after gold prospector named Joe Juneau; designated the capital of Alaska in 1906

Total Area of City Boundaries: 3,255 square miles; only 14 square miles are urban

Population, as of 2014 census: 32,406

Climate: Pacific Temperate Rainforest

Main industries: government (state, federal and municipal), tourism, fishing, mining


Interesting Facts:  

 Juneau has only 45 miles of road to drive, but over 250 miles of trails to hike!

 You can only reach Juneau by ferry or by plane. There is no road to drive to Juneau directly.

 You can fly to Juneau directly from Seattle (2-hours) or Anchorage (1.5 hours) via Alaska Airlines year round or Delta Airlines from May to September. Plan your trip to Juneau now!

 To find information about reaching Juneau by ferry visit the Alaska Marine Highway System website here:

  1.  Click “Search Sailings” 
  2.  The closest ports to Juneau are Skagway or Haines Alaska
  3.  If you would like to sail up the Inside Passage from Washington, search for Bellingham sailings
  4.  If you would like to sail from British Columbia Canada, search for Prince Rupert sailings 
  5.  Be ready to be flexible with your dates and times! 

The most popular way to reach Juneau is by cruise ship. Juneau can hold up to 7 cruise ships per day in summer, which can total over 15,000 people in one day! 

Juneau features a massive 12 mile long glacier within its city limits – the Mendenhall Glacier is the most famous and popular glacier in all of Alaska with over 1 million annual visitors. You can easily walk to view the glacier from Glacier Nalu Campground Resort.