Juneau Amenities

WElcome to the Capital of ALaska! 

 Juneau is a mountain town on the ocean.  From boutique shopping, great dining options, to endless outdoor adventures, this hub of Southeast Alaska features all the highlights of an amazing vacation! 


Grocery Stores & Gas Stations

Safeway, Fred Meyers, and Costco are the 3 largest grocery and supply stores in the area. All are within 10 miles of the campground and great places to stock up on food.  Just a few miles from the campground are two gas station options, Deharts and Fisherman’s Bend. Safeway and Fred Meyer also have gas stations. 

Movie Theaters

A favorite rainy day activity – there are two local small movie theaters, one in downtown Juneau and one located near the campground. Check out grossalaska.com for more info! 

Clothing and Supplies

A great place to get outdoor clothing and supplies nearby is Nugget Alaska Outfitters near Safeway or Foggy Mountain Shop located downtown.  Please contact the office with any specific supplies needed – we are here to help! 


Juneau has many amazing playgrounds but the most popular and largest is called Project Playground AKA Castle Park. This playground is located at Twin Lakes, about 10 miles from the campground, and is one of the best playgrounds in Alaska. It has many slides, small zipline, swings, castle structures to play on, and so much more! 

Dining Options

Juneau has a plethora of great dining options, mostly featuring a selection of both seafood and burgers. Vegetarian and other dietary restricted options are limited, so plan ahead if that is a factor. We do not have any major chain dining besides McDonalds and Dominos Pizza. 

Beer and Alcohol

Alaska LOVES its breweries and distilleries! And Juneau has 3 breweries to visit: the world famous Alaskan Brewing located near Costco, Devil’s Club Brewing, and Baranby Brewing, which are both located downtown. Amalga Distillery is downtown also and makes a very popular juniper gin – a real local favorite! 


Local Area Attractions

Juneau is the central hub of Southeast Alaska – featuring top notch culture and food scene to compliment your outdoor adventures. 


What’s on the menu tonight? Famous for the diverse seafood in the area. Juneau offers everything from pub grub to fine dining. In the area near Glacier Nalu, there is a popular local bar called Squires and a great family burger joint called Hot Bite. Head downtown for a huge variety of options ranging from the award wining Salt to the world famous Tracy’s Crab Shack! 

Sight Seeing

Glaciers, bears, whales – oh my! Juneau is famous for it’s endless sight seeing options. Start by walking from your camp site to the famous Mendenhall Glacier, where towering mountain peaks surround the ancient ice. Then head in any direction for more sights to see! Reach out to us at the office for more details and ideas about how to maximize your vacation.


250 miles of hiking trails exist in Juneau and many of them can be accessed by walking from your camp site. Want bigger adventures? Contact the office for a full list and details of tours, adventures, and recommended trails. Want to hit the water? Join us for a kayaking trip or private boat charter as well! 

Bars & Lounges

No shortage of watering holes in the Juneau area! Just down the street there is a popular local bar called Squires and a new brewery expected to open in Summer 2019. Another great drinking location is downtown Juneau where there are 2 breweries, 1 distillery, and a huge range of bars to meet your hydration needs. And that doesn’t even include the famous Alaskan Brewing Tasting Room located about 7 miles near Costco – that is a must stop for all beer lovers! 

Shows & Entertainment

We will be honest – Juneau is more about food and outdoors than indoor shows and activities. BUT there is great music at bars downtown all summer and all winter there are famous events such as Wearable Arts, the Alaska Folk Festival, and tons of specialty dining events such as Baconfest. A full community calendar list is available here: https://www.ktoo.org/calendar/

Biking & Hiking

SO MANY OPTIONS! There is no way to do it all in one trip.  From the campground you can easily bike or hike to the Mendenhall Glacier,  go up the world famous fly fishing spot Montana Creek, or take a nice stroll or ride down to the beautiful Auke Lake. All that without even starting a car.